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If you have a blog or a website about these themes: Cooking, Travel, Home Decoration, Takeup, Sport, Tips, Computer and hight Tech products, Babies and children, Fashion and other topics is the opportunity for you to have additional income.
Our affiliate program is free and allows registered members to earn money by including on their website or Blog one or more links announcing products from our store, but also send by email to your friends or subscribers to the monthly newsletter.

The operation is simple: each time a customer goes through these links to make a purchase on our shop, the member is rewarded with a commission.

Our MEGA STORE is translated into Spanish, German, French, English and Italian if you have blogs in several languages.

How it works ?

When you register, you will receive a tracking code that will identify you each time a customer buys from the link that was given to you. This link can be put on your site or Blog but also or you can send it by email to your friends.How to make money with my blog with Affi

Each sale completed from the link that you have been granted gives you 8% of the amount of the sale (excluding transport). As soon as you have accumulated 20 €, a transfer of money is given to you via Paypal. Do not hesitate to register.

Payments are made on the 20th of each month.
At any time by entering your account you can see the status of the money you have earned.

Why retain this program in 4 points?

The advantage of going live allows you not to depend on Affiliations platforms and be in direct contact with the company that pays you and have a much better responsiveness by responding to you during the day.

1-Our Mega Store is focused on several niches that we hope corresponds to the niche of your Blog or website in Europe, we sell to many countries like Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Holland, France, Belgium benefit from free shipping (the lowest level ). Many online stores do not have as many brands as our supermarket. Our clients are families, singles and retirees who like the great assortment of products we sell.

2- We have excellent customer feedback for our responsiveness, good customer service and well packaged products.

3- You can put our web banners or make an affiliation blog that redirects to each product;
It is the opportunity to register in this affiliate programs, it's free, it only requires little time to register and put your personal information to start earning money

4- Our cookies for this Affiliation program have a lifespan of 3 months which allows your visitors who come back to your blog to shop on our site and optimize your earnings!

Your registration only requires 1 minute 05.

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